Halloween Party

2017 October 28 (Saturday)

Opal Tokyo Entertainment Club, Roppongi

It's everyone's favorite holiday, Halloween! So it's time to grab your costume and party!

This is your chance to dress up, be artistic, funny, weird and crazy, all at the same time. The only time of the year that men allow other men to dress up as a woman ;)

A great chance, not only to meet a lot of people, make friends and party but also to dress up and maybe win some prizes being offered.

This Halloween party features;

  • Around 300 attendees in costumes
  • Cozy and very well located nightclub, less than a minute walk from Roppongi station
  • SMOKE FREE all night
  • Costume contest with prizes
  • Fun and cute party hosts

Our Halloween parties are legendary and never disappoint, so come join us for an experience not to be missed!

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Party Details

Well located venue
  • Event: Halloween Party
  • Date: 2017 October 28 (Saturday)
  • Venue: Opal Tokyo Entertainment Club [Map]
  • Address: 〒106-0032 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Roppongi 3−10−5 マリーナビル 3F
  • Party time: 7:30pm until 4am (Door opens at 7:15pm)
  • Entry fee (7:30pm-11:30): 3,500yen all-you-can-drink beer and cocktails
  • Entry fee (10pm-3:30am): 2,000yen with two (2) drinks
  • Costume contest prizes;
    Best costume: 10,000yen TG event voucher and a bottle of champagne
    Sexiest costume: 5,000yen TG event voucher
    Funniest costume: 5,000yen TG event voucher
    Scariest costume: 5,000yen TG event voucher
Price: 0Yen
Maximum Space:300

Important Notes

Funny and crazy costumes
  • Payment okay on the day!
  • No costume! No entry!
  • The party is on "Rain or Shine". Transportation in Tokyo especially the subway is very safe and efficient, and always operates regardless of the weather.
  • The venue is completely smoke free all night. If you would like to smoke, just go outside and watch people walking around in costumes while enjoying a smoke.
  • You can leave your belongings in a coin locker at the train station.
  • If you are shy walking around outside in your costumes, you can change at the bathroom of the venue, no problem.
  • Costume contests will be held between 10:30pm-11:30.

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