Open Mic Comedy Night

2018 September 29 (Saturday)

New Planet Club Roppongi, Tokyo

A night of comedy and party!

Anyone is welcome to perform stand-up comedy on stage and try to make everyone laugh!

You can also just watch and laugh if you're more of a spectator than a performer ;)


  • Stand-up comedy (7:30pm-9:30)
  • 500yen discount for the first 30 guests
  • Dancy party (9:30pm-11)
  • 10,000yen prize money for the best stand-up comedian
  • All you can drink cocktails for 4 hours
  • SMOKE FREE until 11pm
  • Birthday of one of our TG staff (Alonzo)
  • Chance to meet new people and make new friends

Gonna be a fun night full of laughters!

Event Details

Price: 2,000Yen
Maximum space: 80

Important Notes

  • Payment okay on the day!
  • 5-10mins for every comedians.
  • You MUST be over 20 years old to consume alcohol in Japan.
  • Please bring a valid ID (Resident card or driver's license). This might be required to enter some of the party venues.
  • All personal information except your first name will be treated confidential at all times.
  • SMOKE FREE until 11. You can smoke outside while watching people and enjoying your cigarette at the same time.
  • Non-alcoholic cocktails available.

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