Upcoming Events
Kayaking and Sake Tasting
2015 May 24 (Sun) | Mitake, Tokyo
Highlights: Kayaking along gentle river while enjoying beautiful scenery and the gorgeous nature! A short walk on a nice riverside trail to the sake brewery where we can taste some local made sake.
Full details Space left: 4 out of 24 Reserve
Sumo Watching Event
2015 May 24 (Sunday) | Ryogoku, Tokyo
Highlights: Come let's watch Japan's national sport! We'll watch the last day of the tournament where you can witness the very traditional closing ceremony. A truly Japanese cultural experience!
Full details Space left: 0 out of 80 FULL
Yokohama Dragon Boat Race
2015 May 30 (Saturday) | Yokohama, Kanagawa
Highlights: Join our dragon boat race crew as we compete against the best dragon racers in Japan! No experience nor swimming skill necessary, just a good level of enthusiasm to try something fun!
Full details Space left: 6 out of 20 Reserve
Oze National Park Spring Trekking
2015 May 31 (Sunday) | Gunma/Tochigi
Highlights: Join one of the most popular treks in Spring! See the absolutely stunning Ozegahara Marshland and it's distinct pools, and the white skunk cabbages in full bloom all across Ozegahara.
Full details Space left: 6 out of 21 Reserve
Rafting and Hiking
2015 Jun 6 (Sat) | Mitake, Tokyo
Highlights: Rafting along the beautiful Tamagawa river with some cliff/rock jumps here and there! A short hike up to the peaks of Mt. Sougaku (756m) and Mt. Iwatakeishi (793m).
Full details Space left: 11 out of 24 Reserve
Singles Party
2015 Jun 6 (Sat) | Roppongi, Tokyo
Highlights: Don't let rainy days bring you down!!! Come out party, hangout, socialize and meet all the single guys and gals in town! 2,000yen 2 drinks and 2 shots + snacks.
Full details Maximum space: 120 Reserve
Tandem Sky Diving
2015 Jun 7 (Sun) | Fujioka, Tochigi
Highlights: A once in a lifetime experience for most of us! Overcome your fear of heights with a bunch of fun and adventurous people. Jump off a helicopter with a skydive instructor @3,000m!
Full details Space left: 12 out of 20 Reserve
Wakeboarding and Flyboarding
2015 Jun 13 (Sat) | Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi
Highlights: Let's try wakeboarding, flyboarding and ride the biscuit boat! BBQ lunch by the beautiiful lake finishing the day relaxing in an outdoor onsen while looking at dramatic Mt. Fuji sunset view!
Full details Space left: 12 out of 20 Reserve
Forest Adventure Kawaguchiko
2015 Jun 13 (Sat) | Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi
Highlights: Forest Adventure is the first high wire/ropes course in Japan. It's an extraordinary experience climbing trees and crossing the forest from a canopy 14 meters from the ground
Full details Space left: 12 out of 20 Reserve
Surfing and SUP Boarding Lessons
2015 Jun 14 (Sun) | Onjuku, Chiba
Highlights: Join one of our beach day trips down to the beautiful Onjuku, famous for it's white sandy beach, for an introduction to surfing and stand-up paddle boarding lessons.
Full details Space left: 8 out of 16 Reserve
Iai-giri Japanese Sword Martial Arts
2015 Jun 16 (Tue) | Kudanshita, Tokyo
Highlights: Iai-do is a form of martial arts that uses a sword to demonstrate ones skills. Put on a Hakama (traditional clothing), and do some Zen meditation to calm down after your busy day.
Full details Space left: 15 out of 20 Reserve
Kayaking and Nippara
2015 May 24 (Sun) | Okutama, Tokyo
Highlights: Kayaking along gentle river while enjoying beautiful scenery and the gorgeous nature! Explore Nippara cave; the largest cave in the Kanto area.
Full details Space left: 21 out of 24 Reserve
Dolphin Swimming and Snorkeling
2015 Jun 20-21 (Sat-Sun) | Miyakejima, Tokyo
Highlights: An amazing experience swimming with the dolphins in their natural environment! Beach side camping, scuba diving, sightseeing, snorkeling, bonfire party, onsen and more...
Full details Space left: 3 out of 22 Reserve
Go-karting Event
2015 Jun 21 (Sun) | Tokyo area
Highlights: Put your costumes on and drive around your favorite part of town! Expect a lot of pedestrians and drivers take many pictures of you. Another Only-In-Japan experience!
Full details Space left: 18 out of 22 Reserve
Tour de Oshima
2015 Jun 27-28 (Sat-Sun) | Oshima, Tokyo
Highlights: Cycling around a beautiful volcanic island, swim on several black sandy beaches. Soaked in an rotenburo with amazing ocean view and gorgeous sunset. Trekking up Mt. Mihara the next day.
Full details Space left: 16 out of 24 Reserve
Mt. Fuji Friendship Hike
2015 Jul 4-5 (Sat-Sun) | Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi
Highlights: Wise men says "One who never climbs Mt. Fuji is a fool and one who climb it again is more than a fool". See the breath-taking sunriseon top of Japan's highest and most famous mountain.
Full details Space left: 31 out of 45 Reserve
Kouzushima Island Summer Getaway
2015 Jul 18-20 (Sat-Mon) | Kouzushima, Tokyo
Highlights: Swimming & snorkeling in crystal clear water. Bridge/platform diving. Hiking with 360° panoramic views. White sand beaches. Beach volleyball. Bonfire parties. Dramatic sunsets. Star gazing.
Full details Space left: 39 out of 64 Reserve