Upcoming Events
Wakeboarding, Flyboarding, BBQ and Onsen
2014 Sep 20 (Sat) | Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi
Highlights: Let's try wakeboarding, or flyboarding, and/or ride the biscuit boat! BBQ lunch by the beautiiful lake finishing the day in an outdoor onsen with an amazing sunset view of Mt. Fuji
Full details Space left: 11 out of 24 Reserve
Dolphin Swimming and Snorkeling Trip
2014 Sep 20~21 (Sat~Sun) | Miyakejima, Tokyo
Highlights: Swimming and snorkeling with the dolphins in their natural environment, scuba diving, sightseeing, onsen with ocean view, beach side camping, bonfire party and more...
Full details Space left: 2 out of 22 Reserve
Pirates Boat Cruise Party
2014 Sep 21 (Sun) | Tokyo Bay, Tokyo
Highlights: Let's celebrate the "International Talk Like A Pirate Day" on a boat cruise by the Tokyo Bay! 2 hours nomihodai, Yukata dancers, DJ's playing great tunes. Party on the boat in pirates costume!
Full details Maximum space: 280 Reserve
Sumo Watching Event
2014 Sep 23 (Tue *Holiday) | Ryogoku, Tokyo
Highlights: Come let's watch Japan's national sport! We'll watch the tournament wearing a yukata (Japanese kimono) to get the whole Japanese cultural experience!
Full details Space left: 31 out of 80 Reserve
Oze National Park Autumn Trekking
2014 Sep 27 (Sat) | Gunma/Tochigi
Highlights: Absolutely stunning Ozegahara Marshland and it's distinct pools. The beautiful Ozenuma Pond (if you can walk fast and cover 24k in one day). Gorgeous mountain scenery and more.
Full details Space left: 3 out of 40 Reserve
Tandem Skydiving
2014 Sep 27 (Sat) | Fujioka, Tochigi
Highlights: A once in a lifetime experience for most of us! Overcome your fear of heights with bunch of fun and adventurous people. Another amazing day!
Full details Space left: 5 out of 20 Reserve
Singles Party
2014 Sep 27 (Sat) | Roppongi, Tokyo
Highlights: Come out party, socialize and meet all the single guys and gals in town! You don't need to be single to attend this party, you can be a wingman/woman to your friend/s.
Full details Maximum space: 150 Reserve
Basic Paragliding Course
2014 Sep 28 (Sun) | Tokigawamachi, Saitama
Highlights: Try learn the basics of paragliding and fly-off a 15m hill on your own! A challenging but amazing experience. Come fly with us, and have fun in the outdoors!
Full details Space left: 10 out of 16 Reserve
Katsunuma Grape and Wine Festival
2014 Oct 4 (Sat) | Katsunuma, Yamanashi
Highlights: Try different kinds of wine, grapes and grape juice for FREE. 40 gourmet food stalls and live performances. Blazing firewood in the shape of a Shinto gate and beautiful fireworks.
Full details Space left: 13 out of 28 Reserve
Seven Waterfalls Trekking & Outdoor Onsen
2014 Oct 5 (Sun) | Kawazu, Shizuoka
Highlights: See beautiful and unique waterfalls along an easy trail which offers stunning mountain/forest scenery. Finish the day soaking in an outdoor onsen next to a magnificent and tall waterfall.
Full details Space left: 9 out of 28 Reserve
Okutama/Ome Biking and Trekking
2014 Oct 5 (Sun) | Okutama/Ome, Tokyo
Highlights: Spend the day biking and trekking visiting gorgeous waterfalls, picturesque lakes and stunning mountain scenery. Picnic lunch next to a beautiful waterfall and onsen to finish the day.
Full details Space left: 8 out of 12 Reserve
Oku-Nikko Adventure Weekend
2014 Oct 11-13 (Sat-Mon *Holiday) | Nikko, Tochigi
Highlights: Gorgeous waterfalls, picturesque lakes and breathtaking mountain scenery surrounded by beautiful and colorful autumn leaves! Trekking, hiking, walking, kayaking, sightseeing and more.
Full details Space left: 26 out of 28 Reserve
Tanigawadake Hike and Takaragawa Onsen
2014 Oct 18 (Sat) | Minakami, Gunma
Highlights: See this breath-taking mountain and the surrounding beautiful scenery as autumn turns the leaves into gorgeous yellow and red colors. Relax in an outdoor onsen to finish the day!
Full details Space left: 24 out of 28 Reserve
Mt. Nokogiri Hike & Yokohama Oktoberfest
2014 Oct 19 (Sun) | Chiba/Kanagawa
Highlights: A short day hike with stunning mountain and ocean views! Visit Nihon-ji temple and see the biggest stone carved Buddha in Japan. Good beers and good music at Yokohama Oktoberfest!
Full details Space left: 24 out of 28 Reserve
Go-karting [Halloween Edition]
2014 Oct 25 (Sat) | Tokyo area
Highlights: Put your halloween costumes on, play your favorite songs on loud speakers, and drive around your favorite part of town in Tokyo! Expect a lot of pedestrians/drivers take pictures of you! ;)
Full details Space left: 20 out of 22 Reserve
Halloween Party
2014 Oct 25 (Sat) | Venue to be announced
Highlights: It's time to grab your costume and party! Chance to dress up, be artistic, funny, weird and crazy, all at the same time. The only time of the year that men allow other men to dress up as a woman ;)
Full details Maximum space: 400 No RSVP
Hakone Adventure Weekend
2014 Nov 1-3 (Sat-Mon) | Hakone, Kanagawa
Highlights: Forest adventure; Zip slide, Tarzan swing, etc. Pirates boat cruise, sightseeing, walking, hiking, kayaking, biking, onsen, gyoza/cabin party and more. Absolutely action packed long weekend!
Full details Space left: 18 out of 24 Reserve
Hiking, Biking, Wine Tasting & Onsen
2014 Nov 8 (Sat) | Kawaguchiko, Yamanashi
Highlights: A short hike up to Tenjoyama. A leisurely bicycle ride around Kawaguchiko lake. Short stop at a local wine cellar. Finish the day soaked in a nice rotenburo with an amazing view of Mt. Fuji!
Full details Space left: 24 out of 28 Reserve
Shosenkyo Gorge Autumn Walk & Winery
2014 Nov 9 (Sun) | Igari/Katsunuma, Yamanashi
Highlights: A lovely day walk through the beautiful Shosenkyo gorge and the stunning Sengataki waterfall while looking at gorgeous autumn leaves. We'll finish the day visiting two wineries.
Full details Space left: 24 out of 28 Reserve
Coco Farm Winery and Harvest Festival
2014 Nov 15 (Sat) | Ashikaga, Tochigi
Highlights: Come join us for an all day picnic while enjoying live music, professionally cooked food, and wine (or grape juice) from one of Japan's premiere wineries! An extremely popular event!
Full details Space left: 38 out of 45 Reserve
Myojingatake Hike & Yunessun Onsen
2014 Nov 16 (Sun) | Hakone, Kanagawa
Highlights: A pleasant day hike with magnificent view of Mt. Fuji and gorgeous autumn leaves. Finish the day at Yunessun onsen theme park soaked in the famous green tea and red wine onsen
Full details Space left: 22 out of 24 Reserve
Mt. Eboshi and Lake Haruna Winter Festival
2014 Dec 6 (Sat) | Haruna, Gunma
Highlights: A short and easy hike up the top of Mt. Eboshi followed by onsen. Enjoy over 410,000 lights that illuminate Lake Haruna. See dazzling displays of light/color, laser shows and sometimes fireworks.
Full details Space left: 22 out of 24 Reserve
Early Season Kagura/Naeba
2014 Dec 13-14 (Sat-Sun) | Yuzawa, Niigata
Highlights: Cheap early season snow trip! Snow comes early at Kagura resort. CHEAP ski/snowboard gear rentals. FREE lessons. 6,000yen discount for beginners. Fun apres ski party, and more.
Full details Space left: 42 out of 45 Reserve
Niseko Ski/Snowboarding & Sapporo Snowfes
2015 February | Kutchan/Sapporo, Hokkaido
Highlights: Flexible itinerary. Ski/snowboarding at Niseko & Rusutsu. See the Sapporo Snow Festival. Nice, cozy and clean lodge just for our group. Main town lodge available. Fun apres-ski parties
Full details Space left: 52 out of 60 Reserve