Upcoming Events
Hanami Party
2015 Apr 4 (Sat) | Yoyogi-koen, Tokyo
Highlights: One of the biggest international Hanami parties in town! Relax with a beer or a cocktail or five or ten and some great company at a picnic under the beautiful cherry blossom trees...
Full details People expected: 250 Facebook
Go-karting [Easter Bunny Edition]
2015 Apr 5 (Sun) | Tokyo area
Highlights: Put your "Easter Bunny" costumes on and drive around your favorite part of town! Expect a lot of pedestrians and drivers take many pictures of you. Another Only-In-Japan experience!
Full details Space left: 12 out of 22 Reserve
Mitake-Okutama Hike
2015 Apr 11 (Sat) | Ome/Okutama, Tokyo
Highlights: Short cable car ride. See traditional town and some temples. Rock garden. Beautiful waterfalls. Two peaks (Otake and Nokogiri). Come join one of the best day hike trips in the Kanto area!
Full details Space left: 19 out of 30 Reserve
Mountain Biking & Trekking
2015 Apr 12 (Sun) | Okutama, Tokyo
Highlights: Explore the beautiful region of Okutama from the saddle of a mountain bike! Spend the day biking and trekking while looking at cherry blossoms, gorgeous waterfalls & picturesque lakes.
Full details Space left: 7 out of 14 Reserve
Stylish and Elegant Party
2015 Apr 18 (Sat) | Odaiba, Tokyo
Highlights: Dress to impress and join our elegant and stylish party at an exclusive bar in Odaiba. Drink champaigne (or sparkling wine) while socializing with many people.
Full details Maximum space: 120 Reserve
Kamakura Walk and Yabusame Festival
2015 Apr 19 (Sun) | Kamakura, Kanagawa
Highlights: A nice relaxing walk in and around Kamakura! Visit Kenchoji, Zenarai Benten, The Great Big Buddha and Hasedera. Finish the day watching the Yabusame Festival.
Full details Space left: 22 out of 40 Reserve
Wooden Boat & Shibazakura Festival
2015 Apr 25 (Sat) | Chichibu, Saitama
Highlights: A leisurely day trip for all ages! Enjoy the gorgeous nature while streaming down the river on a traditional wooden boat. See the beautiful and colorful Shibazakura festival.
Full details Space left: 12 out of 28 Reserve
Rafting and Hiking
2015 Apr 26 (Sun) | Mitake, Tokyo
Highlights: Rafting along the beautiful Tamagawa river with some cliff/rock jumps here and there! A short hike up to the peaks of Mt. Sougaku (756m) and Mt. Iwatakeishi (793m).
Full details Space left: 26 out of 30 Reserve
Ghibli Museum Tour
2015 Apr 29 (Wed *Holiday) | Mitaka, Tokyo
Highlights: Miyazaki Hayao's Studio Ghibli is one of Japan's most famous animation and art studios. Many feature length films such as My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, etc.
Full details Space left: 14 out of 18 Reserve
Niijima Island Golden Week Getaway
2015 May 2-5 (Sat-Tue) | Izu islands, Tokyo
Highlights: Spend your Golden Week on two of Japan's most beautiful islands! Camping, biking, surfing, onsen, beach, volleyball, bonfire parties, etc. 4 days of beach, onsen and outdoor fun!
Full details Space left: 52 out of 64 Reserve
Seven Waterfalls Trekking & Outdoor Onsen
2015 May 16 (Saturday) | Kawazu, Shizuoka
Highlights: See 7 beautiful waterfalls along an easy walking trail which offers some very stunning forest scenery. Enjoy the very nice outdoor onsen by the bank of the river next to a tall waterfall.
Full details Space left: 21 out of 28 Reserve
Fuji Shibazakura Festival and Shiraito Falls
2015 May 17 (Sunday) | Mt. Fuji Area, Yamanashi
Highlights: See the breathtaking and one of the most popular shibazakura parks in Japan! Explore the Shiraito Falls. Relax in an outdoor onsen with dramatic sunset view of Mt. Fuji to finish the day.
Full details Space left: 21 out of 28 Reserve
Paintball Game and BBQ
2015 May 23 (Saturday) | Kamakari, Chiba
Highlights: Let's play Paintball! We will start the day having a BBQ lunch, meeting some people followed by 3-4 hours of fun playing paintball, shooting your new friends ;) Don't miss the action!
Full details Space left: 19 out of 24 Reserve
Sumo Watching Event
2015 May 24 (Sunday) | Ryogoku, Tokyo
Highlights: Come let's watch Japan's national sport! We'll watch the last day of the tournament where you can witness the very traditional closing ceremony. A truly Japanese cultural experience!
Full details Space left: 32 out of 40 Reserve
Yokohama Dragon Boat Race
2015 May 30 (Saturday) | Yokohama, Kanagawa
Highlights: Join our dragon boat race crew as we compete against the best dragon racers in Japan! No experience nor swimming skill necessary, just a good level of enthusiasm to try something fun!
Full details Space left: 16 out of 20 Reserve
Oze National Park Spring Trekking
2015 May 31 (Sunday) | Gunma/Tochigi
Highlights: Join one of the most popular treks in Spring! See the absolutely stunning Ozegahara Marshland and it's distinct pools, and the white skunk cabbages in full bloom all across Ozegahara.
Full details Space left: 32 out of 40 Reserve
Tandem Sky Diving
2015 Jun 7 (Sunday) | Fujioka, Tochigi
Highlights: A once in a lifetime experience for most of us! Overcome your fear of heights with a bunch of fun and adventurous people. Jump off a helicopter with a skydive instructor @3,000m!
Full details Space left: 18 out of 20 Reserve