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Rental/Lesson Information

Mt. Fuji Rental *pre-booking required


*Price includes the rental insurance

Unryu Snow Trekking Rental *pre-booking required

Dolphin Trips *pre-booking required

If renting...


Dolphin swim rentals (equipment required)


Camping rentals



*Recommended even if you have some experience snorkeling, as it covers open water snorkeling skills, which will allow you to maximize your time in the water with the dolphins.

*Shuttled by van or bus to nice and interesting sightseeing spots.

* You must have an advanced open water scuba license or have dived more than 20 times, and once in the last six months, to be able to join the scuba tour.

Please specify:
- Preferred dive type (Beach/Boat)
- Dive card number and certifying organization
- Rental equipment needed [BCD (1,400yen), Regulator setup (1,400yen), Weights (350yen)]

Sky Diving Options *pre-booking required

*Weight between 80~85kgs (1,000yen)
*Weight between 85~90kgs (2,000yen)


Surf or SUP (Stand-up Paddle Boarding) Lessons or rental

Camping Gear Rental Request

*Shared with 1-3 other participants


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Other Information [Required on OVERNIGHT TRIPS ONLY]

Other Information [Required on OVERNIGHT TRIPS ONLY]

Other Information [Required on OVERNIGHT TRIPS ONLY]

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Other Information

(For emergency and travel insurance purposes)
(For emergency and travel insurance purposes)
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